During the 2012 edition of the popular POWERJAM event, held each July at historic Piedmont Dragway, history was made the New York native, Chris Rini, in his ATI sponsored '69 Camaro with, of course, Charlie Buck power. The “Northern Assassin”, as he is now known, owned Big Dog competition during this time and was no surprise that Chris would be the first. In much the same circumstances, young Cam Clark piloted his H&H '69 Camaro to a double event win to take his place along past winning drivers, such as, Rini, Tutterow, Perry, Harris, and many more.

As most of you know, the June edition of the famous “Big Dog Shootout”, held at historic Piedmont Dragway, was halted by rain and was to be decided in the second and final qualifying round in July. On the 19th of July, all the stars, and their cars, gathered for the third Thursday of the month and an event that would prove to be historic on many levels. Qualifying was a show as 9 of the best and baddest Big Dog cars showed up to take a shot at the track. Temps were much better than the June event so you knew that everyone would be on his game and the fans would get their moneysworth for showing up.

Qualifying was led by Brian Schrader's, Fulton powered, Robert Hayes tuned, '63 Corvette with a 4.046 at an event topping 181.96 mph. Next was Cam Clark's H&H Camaro with nitrous power from their very own Clark Automotive shop at a 4.051. Third was Brett Nesbitt's RJ Racecars Camaro with a 4.051 with Cam getting the spot due to MPH. Fourth was Tim Lawrence with a conservative 4.105 tune from crew chief, Dane Wood. The final 4 included Justin Wall at a 4.186, Bubba Turner's Jimmy Greene owned Camaro with a 4.216, Shannon Wilson's beautiful '49 Merc with a 4.382 and Scott Lang's Charles Terrell tuned Mustang at a 4.452.

Second round of qualifying had the finals from June with Cam Clark defeating Brian Schrader with a bracket like 4.05 over Schraders' 4.14. Brian later discovered a broken frame that sidelined him for the evening. That let to first round with Lawrence running an event best 4.036, Nesbitt running a 4.04, Clark running a third 4.05 and Lang would single with Schrader broke. The semis had Cam Clark running another 4.05 to defeat Brett Nesbitt's 4.07 and Tim Lawrence running a4.053 at 180.36 over Scott Lang to set up the final that was sure to have the great crowd on the edge of their seats. The two Camaros staged and at the green, Cam Clark used a.049 light and a 4.047 ET to defeat Tim Lawrence' better 4.032 but a .156 light, therein lies the difference.

This gave Cam and company the historic double with two dogs to show for the evening. It was only a matter of time until this group won, but to play catch up by winning two in one day was equally special. Cam would like to thank all his sponsors and crew, first thanking everyone associated with H&H Racing, Senecal Construction, Hunt's Tree Service, Clarks Automotive, Harris Racing & Rollback Service, and of course, dad Rayvon Clark. These two dogs will be carried back to Reidsville and displayed prominently in their shop. So it was that Cam now joins all those other drivers in the Big Dog history book. He certainly deserves his place in that group.

Also on had was the Rudy's Diesel sponsored and built fastest diesel pick up running a 4.78 at 152.15 in the eighth mile. A Dash for Cash was contested between Justin Wall and Bubba Turner. This was won by Wall when Bubba could not fire.

Other winners included the June Real Street winner Ken Myrick over Jeff Faucette. July winners included Ray Giles in Outlaw Door Slammer over the Richardson Racing Nova. Don Cassidy won the 7.49 Rico's Real Street, and Mike Sigmon won the 6.00 class in a Monza he calls “Grumpy's Revenge”. The reason, this car if one of the SRD Monzas that was built for Bill Jenkins and Larry Lombardo to use on the match race circuit, back in the day.

Coming in September, the finals where the Big Dog winner will not only receive the much coveted Big Dog trophy, but will be awarded an NHRA Wally, reflecting Piedmont Dragway's NHRA Division 2 association. There will also be a 3 second showdown in October with details to follow. For more on this event, or any others at Piedmont, check out: www.piedmontdragway.com.