The 2018 season is almost at the end and big things are getting ready to happen at the “DoorSlammer Capital of the World”, Piedmont Dragway. With the final points event of the season upcoming on Thursday, Sepetember 20, ALL points champs will be awarded the prestigious “Wally”, a direct result of the new sanctioning agreement putting the track in the Division 2 of the NHRA, in coordination with the “King of the Track” program. Track General Manager, Kevin Shipmon, has made arrangements to give these coveted trophies to, not only, but including, Big Dog, Outlaw Door Slammers, 6.0, and 7.49 eliminator brackets.

With all of the eliminators hotly contested here are some of the possibilities: In Big Dog, only 13 points separate leader Cam Clark, driver of the H&H Camaro, from Tim Lawrence, in his Rick Jones built 2013 Camaro. Sandwiched in between is Brian Schrader, in his Robert Hayes tuned C-7 Corvette. This will mean each round of qualifying, as well as, each round won will be important to the overall total that could mean a championship to one of these three drivers.

Also, not to be forgotten, are the three brackets contested on Big Dog night that are: Carolina Classic Car Restoration 6.0, OReilly Auto Parts Outlaw Door Slammer, and Deep Creek Motors 7.49 Rico’s Real Street. In Outlaw Door Slammers, Robert Richardson holds a 7 point margin over Rick Whaley. Over in 6.0 eliminator, Jason Marshall holds a 5 point margin over Mike Sigmon’s “Grumpy’s Revenge” Monza, and in 7.49 Jeff Dalrymple holds a 1 point margin over Kyle Shipmon.

So there you have it, a total of approximately 15 points separate all the would be points champions to be crowned on Thursday, September 20. Hope to see you there, should be a terrific night of racing at historic Piedmont Dragway.

The August 2018 Big Dog Shootout, at historic Piedmont Dragway, was to provide many twists and turns to the end of this season that has seen three different winners. One of those, had a chance to make history by being the ONLY driver, in the series, to accomplish the “triple” or three in a row. With Cam Clark winning two events in the same day during the July event, a series of events would have to all come together but it could be done. As we know, the young driver from Reidsville, NC now shares the honor of two in a row with Chris Rini, a feat accomplished in 2012.

Qualifying was important as there were 13 drivers with cars, to take a time, so you had to make the field and it was Brett Nesbitt serving notice that he was a player as he was #1 with a 4.038, with Clark second at a 4.054. This was followed by Brian Schrader with a 4.068 and Jason Harris in fourth with a 4.073. 2017 Champ, Tim Lawrence was fifth at a 4.083 and Travis Harvey had Jack Gaddy's Camaro in at a 4.088 for sixth. Rounding out the field in seventh was Danny Perry with a 4.126 and Justin Wall last with a 4.172. Five cars did not make the show with those being Tommy Payne, Shannon Wilson, Bubba Turner, Ron Whitlock, and Scott Lang.

Lawrence used top mph of 180.28 to defeat Harris, Harvey defeated Payne with a 4.088, Clark put down a 4.046 and a .029 light to defeat Perry and Nesbitt used a 4.039 to defeat Justin Wall.
The semis had Clark with the best light of the event, a .018 and a 4.052 to defeat Harvey and Nesbitt used a holeshot .039 to defeat Lawrence' .073 light but quicker ET. With the stage set for young Mr. Clark to become the first Big Dog competitor to win three in a row, he and Nesbitt staged for an inconclusive lap with Clark breaking and Brett idling through the eighth mile to win his first for the 2018 season. The prizes for the night included the coveted “Dog”, a nice winner's check and an additional sum, contributed by all 8 qualifiers. Mr. Nesbitt had a great night.

In the Dash for Cash, Bubba Turner made a 4.037 lap with Shannon Wilson crossed up and Justin Wall put down a 4.039, a career best.

Other winners for the evening included 6.0 winner Mike Sigmon using a string of near perfect 6.0's to win over Jason Marshall. Sigmon's former Bill Jenkins SRD Monza was unstoppable all evening. Outlaw Door Slammer winner was Robert Richardson over Marty Wright, and Jeff Dalrymple ran a 7.518 et, on a 7.49 dial, to defeat Kyle Shipmon.

Don't forget in September, these same drivers will be competing for the first ever “WALLY” and a “DOG”. With the being the absolute first time in the 21 year history of the Big Dog Shootout for a driver to possibly win this coveted NHRA trophy, the competition is sure to be intense. For more info and schedule, be sure to check out the Piedmont website: www.piedmontdragway.com.
The “DoorSlammer Capital of the World” will be awaiting any and all competitors.